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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cessna U206G VH-NCR

Type: Cessna U206G
Rego: VH-NCR
Location: Archerfield, QLD (YBAF)

Robin R-2160 Sport VH-NZT

Type: Robin R-2160 Sport
Rego: VH-NZT
Location: Maryborough, QLD (YMYB)

Partenavia P68C VH-NAI

Type: Partenavia P68C
Rego: VH-NAI
Location: Moree, NSW (YMOR)

Nanchang CJ-6A VH-NNG

Type: Nanchang CJ-6A
Rego: VH-NNG
Location: Narromine, NSW (YNRM)


Type: Vans RV-7A
Rego: VH-NRT
Location: Narromine, NSW (YNRM)

Cessna 182M VH-NML

Type: Cessna 182M
Rego: VH-NML
Location: Narromine, NSW (YNRM)

Stoddard Hamilton Glasair GII-S-FT VH-NZN

Type: Stoddard Hamilton Glasair GII-S-FT
Rego: VH-NZN
Location: Narromine, NSW (YNRM)

Piper PA-24-250 VH-NQL

Type: Piper PA-24-250
Rego: VH-NQL
Location: Goondiwindi, QLD (YGDI)

Cessna 152 VH-NKJ

Type: Cessna 152
Rego: VH-NKJ
Location: Archerfield, QLD (YBAF)

Replica Spitfire VH-NEY

Type: Replica Spitfire
Rego: VH-NEY
Location: Warwick, QLD (YWCK)