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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Douglas DC-3 VH-SPY

Type: Douglas DC-3
Rego: VH-SPY
Location: Cairns, QLD (YBCS)

Douglas DC-3 VH-MMA

Type: Douglas DC-3
Rego: VH-MMA
Location: Darwin, NT (YPDN)

Douglas DC-3 VH-OVM

Type: Douglas DC-3
Rego: VH-OVM
Location: Essendon, VIC (YMEN)

Consolidated PBY6A Catalina VH-PBZ

Type: Consolidated PBY6A Catalina
Rego: VH-PBZ
Location: Temora, NSW (YTEM)

Lockheed L414-56 Hudson III VH-KOY

Type: Lockheed L414-56 Hudson III
Rego: VH-KOY
Location: Temora, NSW (YTEM)

Douglas DC-3 VH-EAP

Type: Douglas DC-3
Rego: VH-EAP
Location: Longreach, QLD (YLRE)

Douglas C-47B VH-EAF

Type: Douglas C-47B
Rego: VH-EAF
Location: Temora, NSW (YTEM)

Douglas DC-3 VH-BAB

Type: Douglas DC-3
Rego: VH-BAB
Location: Mareeba, QLD (YMBA)

Douglas DC-3 VH-AES

Type: Douglas DC-3
Rego: VH-AES
Location: Melbourne, VIC (YMML)