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Monday, March 14, 2016

Cirrus SR22 VH-YDM

Type: Cirrus SR22
Rego: VH-YDM
Location: Toowoomba, QLD (YTWB)

Australian LightWing GR-582 25-0430

Type: Australian LightWing GR-582
Rego: 25-0430
Location: Clifton, QLD (YCFN)

Cessna 150G VH-RXL

Type: Cessna 150G
Rego: VH-RXL
Location: Clifton, QLD (YCFN)

Vans RV-7 VH-OHL

Type: Vans RV-7
Rego: VH-OHL
Location: Clifton, QLD (YCFN)

ICP Savannah VG 19-4405

Type: ICP Savannah VG
Rego: 19-4405
Location: Clifton, QLD (YCFN)