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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Stinson Model A Tri-Motor replica VH-UHH

Type: Stinson Model A Tri-Motor replica
Rego: VH-UHH
Location: Lamington National Park, QLD

Austflight Drifter A582 25-0415

Type: Austflight Drifter A582
Rego: 25-0415
Location: Heck Field, QLD (YHEC)

DTA Voyageur Dynamic II SFC 32-5114

Type: DTA Voyageur Dynamic II SFC
Rego: 32-5114
Location: Heck Field, QLD (YHEC)

Jabiru SP 19-3346

Type: Jabiru SP
Rego: 19-3346
Location: Heck Field, QLD (YHEC)

Slipstream Genesis 19-3556

Type: Slipstream Genesis
Rego: 19-3556
Location: Heck Field, QLD (YHEC)

Cessna 180H VH-NZC

Type: Cessna 180H
Rego: VH-NZC
Location: Watts Bridge, QLD (YWSG)

Australian LightWing GR-912S-T 24-4658

Type: Australian LightWing GR-912S-T
Rego: 24-4658
Location: Coominya, QLD (YBCM)

Cessna 182M Skylane VH-MLY

Type: Cessna 182M Skylane
Rego: VH-MLY
Location: Archerfield, QLD (YBAF)

Neico Lancair 320 VH-LRF

Type: Neico Lancair 320
Rego: VH-LRF
Location: Archerfield, QLD (YBAF)

Cessna U206G Stationair VH-NNS

Type: Cessna U206G Stationair
Rego: VH-NNS
Location: Archerfield, QLD (YBAF)